Kinder Management Consulting
Success Stories

Large-Scale Project Management

A national managed care company was challenged with streamlining the operations of three disparate HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) in the state of California . A project was launched to introduce shared “best practices” throughout the three HMOs and centralize high volume, “back room” services via a new integrated service center. A software package was purchased to provide the platform for migrating to this new business model.

Kinder Management Consulting (KMC) was commissioned to provide project management for converting the first of the three HMOs. With an annual budget of $13 million and a dedicated staff of twenty-six full time employees and consultants, the first site was successfully transitioned to the new model. The success of this first implementation led to the decision to expand the project to incorporate all HMOs nation-wide.

Interim IT Leadership

A western region, non-profit hospital system was seeking a new IT (Information Technology) Director for one of their area hospitals. At this same time, they were negotiating the acquisition of another nearby community hospital.

Kinder Management Consulting (KMC) was engaged to provide interim leadership for the IT departments of these two hospitals with the additional responsibility of consolidating services as the hospitals transitioned to a shared management arrangement. KMC led these two IT organizations in delivering quality application support, network management, desktop support, Help Desk, telecommunications, server support, and computer operations services to a combined 2,300 users, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The two IT departments were successfully blended and brought under the management of the newly combined hospital administration while providing quality customer service throughout the transition.

Business Continuity Planning

A Southern California credit union identified the need to develop a solid contingency plan in anticipation of events which could cause significant disruption in delivering service to its members and threaten the safety of its employees.

Kinder Management Consulting (KMC) was brought in to work with the credit union leadership in developing a Business Continuity Plan that would address its unique business requirements. This plan included an assessment of business risks and priorities, defined responses to different levels of risk, and provided a roadmap for preparing to sustain critical business functions until normal business could be restored. KMC was subsequently engaged to bring the plan current.